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for a good rhyme... Call An Artist 1-833-411-ARTS (1-833-411-2787) $3USD/min

Learn about zombie films, social media, social justice, fandom, findom, papier mache
… canning, corsetry, crafting, clever outlets, cork sculptures, composting, caring,
cleaning, crochet, quilting, creative writing, culture, constructive framing, or alliteration!
Get a psychic reading, redecorating advice, or help with an online dating profile.
And so much more!

↜ slay boredom ~ get inspired ~ support a good cause ↝

For a good rhyme... Call An Artist!

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Call An Artist© is a collaborative arts project that centers the 
equitable and accessible employment needs of artists with disabilities.
This social enterprise development is sponsored by Teri Bell Arts*

Artists reserve the right to direct the conversation through the lens of their expertise
Call An Artist does not allow paid endorsements or testimonials - artist's 
recommendations of any products or services are a reflection of their own experiences
All copyright material is used with permission and remains the intellectual property 
of the copyright owner/s. Accessing the service grants no rights or permissions to record, 
distribute or share by any methods, any content shared through the service
Call An Artist services are limited to adults, aged 18+, at a rate of $3USD/minute 
(prices subject to change at any time), and provided
for entertainment purposes only
- Call An Artist(s)© do not provide medical, legal, engineering, or other licensed professional counsel -

* Opinions expressed are exclusively those of the individual artists/organizations
 & don't necessarily represent the perspectives, values, or code of 
1-833-411-ARTS©, Call An Artist©, or Teri Bell Arts

Accessibility: We're aware that using the phone requires the ability to hear & speak, and therefore excludes many people. We're presently working on a solution with a non-verbal artist, for everyone who needs to Type With An Artist. Thanks for contacting us on the socials for accessible options, now available for people outside Canada and USA, too!!

Events schedule coming soon: For more info on featured artists and events click here


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