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Call An Artist

for a good rhyme... Call An Artist 1-833-411-ARTS (1-833-411-2787) $3USD/min     Learn about zombie films, social media, social justice, fandom, findom, papier mache … canning, corsetry, crafting, clever outlets, cork sculptures, composting, caring, cleaning, crochet, quilting, creative writing, culture, constructive framing, or alliteration! Get a psychic reading, redecorating advice, or help with an online dating profile. And so much more! ↜ slay boredom ~ get inspired ~ support a good cause ↝ For a good rhyme... Call An Artist! 1-833-411-ARTS (1-833-411-2787) Click ↝ here ↜ to call now!   Call An Artist© is a collaborative arts project that centers the  equitable and accessible employment needs of artists with disabilities. This social enterprise development is sponsored by Teri Bell Arts * ↝ Artists reserve the right to direct the conversation through the lens of their expertise ↝ Call An Artist does not allow paid endors

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